Since 1991, Apromix has been designing and developing complete and integrated solutions based on RFID systems for the management and access control of people or vehicles in a diverse range of contexts: industrial, public, residential, hospitality and public administration. Presence control can be achieved with access point management by integrating automation with RFID devices, and can be used to regulate the flow of people in public places like museums, hotels, spas, sports centres, but also in private places like companies or private buildings. Vehicle management, on the other hand, enables the optimal management of car parks, marinas, shopping centres or workplaces, effectively grouping multiple contexts together. Apromix products - using RFID tools - can be applied to industrial areas, enabling the tracking of products (industry 4.0) or service delivery flows in both the industrial and public sectors (e.g. waste management). Apromix's expertise not only covers the supply and distribution of products and systems, but also includes installation and maintenance. The company joined the Benincà Group in 2022, enabling a perfect integration of the group's solutions into the access control sector.

Designed in

Apromix products are designed in Italy, creating high-technology solutions to meet the need for security in the management of residential, industrial and public access. All systems offer a wide scope for possible customisation.

Safety and regulatory

All Apromix products are CE certified and have been subjected to pre-compliance tests designed to verify immunity to interference and emissions within the maximum limits set by the European community.